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STORM CLOUD Backup & Disaster Recovery Service

Storm Cloud is a managed backup and disaster recovery solution designed to give small businesses continuity during and after a disaster.  No more reliance on changing backup tapes or disks and then ensuring they are stored offsite.



Local Data Centre

Not just a UK data centre, a Midlands data centre!  

All data is encrypted and stored in our secure, privately owned data centre, utilising enterprise class HP servers with multiple levels of failover, battery backed power and high-speed internet links.


Data Security

Your data will be encrypted before it leaves your building using government approved AES-256 strong encryption and will remain encrypted whilst stored at our data centre.

Physical Disaster Recovery Service

If your business is hit with a disaster such as fire or theft we can quickly recover your data to a brand new server and deliver it to you ready to go.


Cloud Disaster Recovery Service

If your premises are out of action we can start up your servers as virtual servers in the cloud, get your staff connected and enable your business to continue until the disaster has been rectified.

(Available in conjunction with our Total Care support) 

Onsite Setup

Initial setup is free - one of our technicians will visit your site to get everything setup, this will include taking an initial backup of your data to be injected into our backup servers to get you started. 

Fully managed service

Storm IT handle all the backup monitoring & administration for you to ensure your data is safe, we can even assist with restoring deleted files.  For total peace of mind you'll receive a daily or weekly email to show you how things are running.  

Full System Backups

Most cloud backup solutions just backup a selection of your files.  We backup your entire system including mail servers, databases, virtual servers and the crucial system configuration.  Should a disaster strike your system can be quickly back up and running without the need of piecing data back together and reconfiguring everything.


Additional Features


  • Regular backups as often as every 15 minutes

  • Fully managed service

  • Hybrid backup - data is stored both to our data centre and to your local storage device

  • Data backups archived for a minimum of 30 days

  • Either daily or weekly backup reports delivered to your inbox.

  • Powered by industry leading backup software

  • Eliminates the need to change backup tapes or disks ever again.


Priced from 
just 25p
per gigabyte
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