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Leased Line Internet Connections

Our leased line solutions enable businesses to meet their increasing demand for fast, continuous and secure connectivity to support essential communications.


​Dedicated, high performance connection

2Mbps – 10Gbps symmetric speeds

Scalable solutions for future growth

Comprehensive 100% SLA

Backup options available

Cisco hardware provided as standard

24/7 UK based tech support

24/7 Monitoring and maintenance


Businesses choose leased line solutions for a variety of reasons. Some recognise that standard broadband connections without any kind of Service Level Agreement pose significant risk to the continuity of their business.
Others see that sharing bandwidth with many other commercial and even residential users compromises reliability and can lead to performance fluctuation, whilst the consequence of losing connectivity altogether for any length of time is something they would rather not think about. Others simply recognise the need for a more substantial network infrastructure if they are to ensure continued quality of service within their business.
Leased line solutions are ideal for those whose business is heavily dependent on reliable connectivity, for example providing access to
critical applications to employees and teams across multiple
offices, cloud services such as Office 365, hosted telephony  and video conferencing to improve efficiency or simply because they require
continuous and fast Internet access.

Extremely  competitive pricing
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